Sociopathic Economic Underpinning, Huh?

Sure, let’s roll with this.

Money does not give two shits or a damn about you. People with money don’t give two shits or a damn about you. If you have five dollars in your hand and are faced with a whole world that relies on money, there will come a time when this world socializes you, and then you will not give two shits or a damn what happens to people when money becomes the lifeblood of life.

“What the fuck is this guy saying” you are probably asking yourself. Hold the fuck on to your baseball hats ’cause I’m taking you for a ride.

You may enter the world with good intentions. You may have been the happiest baby in the world. But by the first breath you take you require money. Your life is forfeit unless someone can cover your money expenses. A society where anyone can be homeless by not having enough of these green rectangular cotton-paper blends. From the day you are born there is a bulls-eye on your head and you will spend your whole life keeping the monster at bay. Do you realize how cruel the very premise of our society is? Let’s put a price on everything and make the first condition of life to make money!

Get that. Get that concept. In a capitalist society, in order to do ANYTHING AT ALL, you must first make money before that. If you would like to have a first kiss from Sara Jane under the bleachers of a High School Football game, your parents have to have enough money that you can spend that time. Even a good intentioned person can’t feed the homeless forever until he starts to feel the pain of poverty soon. You CANNOT do anything for long under capitalism unless it brings you more and more money. These callous, mathematical rules of society dull our hearts to the suffering of others. You can’t do ANYTHING in this society without facing its price tag.

Even a good man must put aside the lives of the people he cares about to make enough money under Capitalism.

The concept of money as governing feature of society is cruel, uncaring to suffering, and makes people only concerned with making more money. Any other instances where people can “make a buck while doing good” will only last as long as that remains profitable, which is a function of millions of people blindly dispensing dollars.

Money is a monster.