6 Myths about the economy

6 Myths about the economy

It’s not the article I would write, but hey, I’d reblog it.


2) The author didn’t tackle the issue of sheer hours wealthy work vs workers. All of what he said about how workers are working more than ever is the case but it’s not the same thing as original claim that the wealthy don’t stop working. I find that this is true, I remember one moment during the Mitt Romney leaked tapes when a wealthy person stepped forward and said that he kills himself working and is proud of it. Srsly. This is a sad thing because no one is happy under capitalism. I really doubt if a top banker could really take a month long break from work despite how much money they make. The Rockefellers probably have someone to watch their investments for them, but it’s still a full time job. But does Jamie Dimon work harder than a mom with two jobs trying to make ends meet? I don’t think this is a useful question, at best it’s “Worker’s Pride those fatcats don’t do anything!” and at worse it’s “Money should go to the people who work hardest!” and that type of economic cheerleading is far removed from the reality of the economy, which is what we’re trying to change after all.

5 & 6 – Oh boy we are going to ripping this one apart in a later issue.