Misanthropic Anthropology

The benefit of being rejected by society is that you can see it for what it is. This begins the search for answers.

This is my blog on critical theory and societal change. Many a good people in my generation have eaten shit in their lives. I would want to turn that discontent with a dysfunctional society into a search for a better one. Nothing happens in society without its social-economic-political context. Child abuse, depression, schizophrenia, bulimia, alcoholism, addictions, all have a place in the discussion of the nature of 21st century capitalism.

All who have been abused, all who are abused, are welcome here in the collaborative project of improving society. Unrecognized value is a theme that I come back to often.

Capitalism plays a large role in my critique of society. Before you can do anything in this society, before you can take care of the poor, feed the hungry, bond with someone, improve the welfare of society, you have to be financially viable. That improving society must play second fiddle to a series of callous rules feels like madness to me, and anyone who doesn’t want to get rid of capitalism has to accept a psychopathic system that rules their lives. There’s just a lot of problems that can’t be solved in a world governed by money. ¬†And no matter what you’ve been through, the fact that it happened under capitalism doesn’t exactly show how great capitalism is, now don’t it?

I guess that’s my mission statement. I’m just going to post what I think.