Slavoj + Kanye = Match Made in Heaven

Slavoj + Kanye = Match Made in Heaven

Well, it took me all day and believe it or not I’m currently facing a computer uprising…this disobedient toaster apparently doesn’t know how to install Windows live movie maker! So there goes my youtube fame. Here’s to hoping that it’ll pass along well enough that someone can make something good of it. Or at least that you can hear it. Because I really did my best to make it as cheesy as fuck. It’s all dark and shit in the beginning because both Slavoj and Kanye get hard-ons of for tragedy and how political reality ruptures your comfortable state of mind. I just there’s serious space for a bromance here. I think they’d have a great time talking about the double edged sword of normalcy and becoming indoctrinated, and Zizek likes analyzing everything Freud-style and Kanye likes anime, so why don’t these muhfuckas sit down and watch some Evangelion together, no? And New Slaves is ALL about Kanye’s struggle with his Big Other. It’s been the defining issue of his whole career. Kanye wrestles with what it means to be a happy member of society, and then takes shits on it. PLEASE tell me that Kanye wouldn’t enjoy Zizek’s inverted look at society and his take on the subconscious. I’m telling ya. 

But I hope this ushers in a new age of dialogue between Kanye fans and Zizek…fans. The melodrama and tortured happiness that’s found in Kanye is equally matched by the dark visions of the Slovenian philosopher, who insists that society was never something ever to be taken seriously, completely sustaining itself on “necessary delusions”. If you think I’m joking, take this beat and apply it to any lecture Zizek gives and tell me that the dark undertones of New Slaves don’t complement Zizek’s ultra-pessimism.

Shout outs Kanye West, Brandon Marshall, the guy who worked his darnest to imitate the beat the best he could, the slav-joy himself, Audacity media player, Coca-cola (the perfect commodity) and Southern Comfort, and our lady of free speech, WordPress. Just click download and it’ll be there. Have a good night!

A nice, short article on the madness of contemporary politics

A nice, short article on the madness of contemporary politics

Not as analytical as other posts, just something worth reblogging. The author comes to the conclusion that because voters don’t  vote in off years, parties like the Tea Party get disproportional influence. Like, I’ll do it. I’ll vote in the off year. If it’ll keep some tea party nut job out of office, I’ll do it. Shit, I won’t even look at the issues. Just a very simple test. Are you nuts? Yes? I’m voting for the other guy. 

6 Myths about the economy

6 Myths about the economy

It’s not the article I would write, but hey, I’d reblog it.


2) The author didn’t tackle the issue of sheer hours wealthy work vs workers. All of what he said about how workers are working more than ever is the case but it’s not the same thing as original claim that the wealthy don’t stop working. I find that this is true, I remember one moment during the Mitt Romney leaked tapes when a wealthy person stepped forward and said that he kills himself working and is proud of it. Srsly. This is a sad thing because no one is happy under capitalism. I really doubt if a top banker could really take a month long break from work despite how much money they make. The Rockefellers probably have someone to watch their investments for them, but it’s still a full time job. But does Jamie Dimon work harder than a mom with two jobs trying to make ends meet? I don’t think this is a useful question, at best it’s “Worker’s Pride those fatcats don’t do anything!” and at worse it’s “Money should go to the people who work hardest!” and that type of economic cheerleading is far removed from the reality of the economy, which is what we’re trying to change after all.

5 & 6 – Oh boy we are going to ripping this one apart in a later issue.