Recently I’ve had a good deal of writer’s block regarding this site. I don’t know what I should type because I’ve never typed for an audience before. It’s not long before I get trapped into oppressively thinking myself down for the sake of the readers; what do the readers want, what are you doing that’s getting you views, comments, links, etc. It’s ridiculous because I’m typing anonymously after all; all this freedom to say and write exactly whatever the fuck you want and this is how you spend it? I’ve spent maybe 30 minutes customizing this page? For me to not have the freedom to express myself. #fuckitall.

I’m resolving today to talk about and type about whatever I want. I don’t want to confine myself in any way on this blog. The general theme of this blog has been about social change and philosophy but motherfucker about all, it’s about meMy website. What I think. My life. It’s really up to you if you want to read it. I tell you what, I’ll talk about myself and what’s going on, and you can be an absolutely uninterested audience. Deal? Deal. 


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