Your weekend reading: The purpose of life, an excellent mushroom timelapse

More Ecological Unconsciousness. Mushrooms are weird but it’s because we’re starting to encounter uncomfortability with nature that we’re we know we’re on a good track.

TED Blog

Interesting, informative, bizarre. Here’s a round-up of interwebs reading from the past few weeks:

Mushrooms are not at the top of my favorite foods list but, above, see why they are now at the top of my favorite things to watch a timelapse video of.  Shot by cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg (watch his TED Talks) and starring mushroom enthusiast Paul Stamets. [io9]

Nobody expects atoms and molecules to have a purpose, so why do we still treat living beings like they do? [Aeon]

[ted_talkteaser id=258]

The first in a series of satirical articles about the U.S. written with the type of language that American journalists usually use to cover foreign countries. [Global post]

Since Guantanamo Bay started receiving captives, only three artists have been allowed to visit. Here are drawings from the latest visit. [Paris Review]

Naked mole rats are…

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